Thank you for your interest in receiving funding from the Robert Irvine Foundation. Our Foundation operates on a calendar fiscal year. At the beginning of the fourth quarter of each calendar year the Foundation’s board of directors convenes to review requests for funding. Each application is considered based on the request’s alignment with the Foundation’s mission. Requests that appropriately align with the Foundation’s mission are presented to the Award Committee for consideration. Based on the number of applicants, requested monies and award amount available, the Award Committee will decide which requests will receive funding. 

The Foundation recognizes that some causes may require immediate support and earmarks a limited amount of funds to support these causes. 

To submit a request for funding please complete the application below. A receipt of request will be provided within 48 hours of submitting an application. If you are requesting immediate funding please note as such in form below. Should the board of directors and/or the Award Committee need additional information they will contact the applicant prior to the formal application review. 

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